​The NC Pre-K Program , formerly known as More at Four, is North Carolina's state funded initiative serving program eligible four year olds. Its purpose is to provide eligible children with high-quality, classroom-based educational experiences during the year prior to Kindergarten entry so that they will enter Kindergarten prepared and ready for school success on the same level as their peers.

The NC Pre-K program serves children who will turn four-years old by August 31st each year, and who meet other qualifying factors such as: low to moderate income, parent's military service, developmental delays or chronic health concerns. 

The NC Division of Child Development and Early Education
administers the statewide program, while the Cleveland County Partnership for Children serves as the local administrator for the NC Pre-K program. Classrooms are located throughout Cleveland County in the public school system and private child care facilities.
When we build a house, we know it is very important to have a strong and sturdy foundation. In fat, the foundation is key to everything that follows. Just like houses, the foundations that are built in children's brains affect all the development that follows. If we invest wisely through programs like NC Pre-K that ensure all children have the safe, stable, nurturing environments they need to thrive, the return on our investment is never ending as the children pay us back through a lifetime of productivity and responsible citizenship. 

For more information on this valuable program, please contact Sammi Wortman, NC Pre-K Program Manager, at 704.734.2057. You may also contact Sammi by e-mail at [email protected]